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the life of a vampire eater
by: evans1236

      My name is kayla....and im a vampire eater. im going to start at the beinning of 1 years aga.

I got to my new school and got to my first class. Im a freshmen at Black Heart high. its a big school and it looke more like a park than a school. I was going to hunt today but i had to get my rout to my classes...and so my mom and dad to see o want to get a diplowma. I walked down a hall, one side had lockers and on the ather class rooms. i looke at the doors and found room 106.'please be no one in yet please please pleas!!!!' I begged to the ceiling. but i gess god cant hear vampire eaters. i looked and the class room is full of kids talking and lought. but that all stopped when i walked in the room. i blushed and walked to an open desk and pulled out a book to read. that did stop me from lisening to the wishpers around me.

"is that the new girl right there?" said a girl dehind me. i gust read my book and act normel. then thank god the bell rang and the teacher called the class to roder and took role."Kayla sparling?" he asked. "yes" i said from my book and the teacher scheked my name. when he was done he sai his name was Mr.Cullen.......the class giggled. i looked at the man, he was tall, brown haired with green eyes, and really hot."yes...yes i know twilight yes yes." he said chukuling too.

the day was short. i had gust three classes and i was so tiyerd that i fell asleep in class. then a voice was at my ear." hay the day in there?" i looked and i so............



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Ah, I remembered you wished for me to tell you when I updated my Soul Eater story, and I have. [link] ^^
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Like your artwork!
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